Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today I went for a long hike after a gruelling cleaning at the dentist..lol..and talked with my friend John about the state of the world. Or should I say vented to him my anger of the craziness of it all...the violence, the misogyny, the use and abuse of the planet. He is so patient with me..lol..but we did agree that words have power.

I was just thinking that yesterday in reference to this blog. Was reading other blogs and noticed that the most popular use disparaging language or wicked swear words or insults to others to make their point. Was tempted for a bit to use a few key words..lol..but then I realized that first of all...that's not me..and second....this blog is not about bitching...it's about making change! So what if anyone reads it...but the path to change that I took starting 4 years ago began with the above poster....words for PEACE! In many languages. That is what drives me...peace for all...and how to achieve it? CHANGE!

Then I checked my facebook later in the day and my friend Jen had posted Jon Stewarts thoughts about the shootings in Arizona. His views took me back a bit....he had HOPE that this incident would create change. He saw the goodness of the victims..not the craziness of the shooter. He also pointed out that the vitriolic rhetoric of the two parties in the States may or may not have been a factor but that their actions and their words influence how we speak to each other! Maybe if our politicians used less hate and violent inuendo in their propaganda then maybe we would recognize crazy people sooner! HA!

So, if nothing else...let's speak kinder to each other...if we disagree let's remember we all have families too and that we want our kids to mirror civilized debate..not angry fist pumping bombasts.

10/11...and have no desire to shop. If we do get the snow they say we will I'll be on the mountain sliding down on my backside..lol...

Love and Peace! XO

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  1. Beautifully said sweet Susan! Your words and actions do make a constant, daily difference, whether you can measure how many hits your blog gets or not. Your passion & honesty have rippled out to countless others and will continue to do so as long as you have that intention. So have faith, take pride, and well done. xoxo