Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marching for Kindness

Like my poster?'s one of my favourites. Some people can't trust no matter what and have to come up with reasons or ulterior motives for your kindness. They cannot grasp an altruistic act...they are so closed minded and fearful. Was reading the blogs after Obama's speech last night and the right wing rhetoric was just as hateful and racist as before. Their fear is so heightened that they cannot even embrace the message of "Use your words for healing, not for wounding". They accuse Obama of campaigning and not being sincere. Did they watch the same speech? Yes. Did they actually listen? No! But, a lot of people did listen and are thinking about it and are talking about it. THAT is what creates change...honest, open communication!

Read today that Target is buying Zellers. Have never been to a Target so did some research. They are basically the same as Walmart with their employee practices and overseas suppliers. They bill themsleves as a higher quality store but it's the same cheap goods, made by enslaved workers and sold by underpaid employees. GREAT!...note the sarcasm...I do give them credit for their philanthropic efforts...ranked as the highest cash-giving company in America in percentage of income given (2.1%)....about 3 million a week....although Walmart ranked first in $$$...the percentage was only 1.3%. Can u tell I'm an accountant?

So here we are on day 13 and we are 12/13...mind you I have been stuck in the house with sick kids and have not been sister had to grab me some

Peace! XO

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