Friday, January 7, 2011

Grandma is DOWN

Crazy busy day....took my Sam to have his hearing tested..AGAIN! They have no clue why his right ear is not working and now have him using a Nettie Pot...feels good though....and he likes it too. Has my allergies to drywall and perfume and basically anything man made..HA! Pesticides are a no go in this house....we can eat advocado in Mexico but not in Canada...they spray them with "longer lasting" crap to make it here. The Pharmaceutical industry and Pesticide industry are the most damaging corporate entities on the planet and we just let them get away with it....WHY?

Then we went to see Grandma....sigh...she is so down and so sick of being in a rehab facility...but she is walking with a walker for a wee bit...and she likes her therapists. Breaking a hip at 91 and realizing you will most likely never be independant again must be depressing. And not one priest has come to see her after her surgery...have not asked her what she is thinking but can only surmise...

And did ZERO shopping today...Ron was busy with the mudder and of couse they drilled a screw through a pipe! LMAO! Welcome to renos in my ever goes smoothly..and an "expert" has to be called had to have the mudder call a buddy..who actually is a tow truck driver!..and he came over to fix the pipe. LOL! Came home after 6 hours to my basement wet with sticky dry wall dust and my hubby asking me to clean it up....Thanks Babe..You are doing a GREAT job! ;)

So we are 6/7 after a very looonnnggg week. Keep thinking of Rhian and her life would like to add..after a very long day just "Keep Swimming"...those Disney movies have great advice


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