Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Building Materials

I have to make yet another exception. We are finally finishing the mud room and had to get more drywall...ughghg....and screws. I have issue with used drywall as mold and other such "unknowns" can be inside. This house was a grow-op and we had to tear out a lot of drywall before we could even move in. Got to be careful with that kind of building material...it really can be a health hazard.

Have yet to replace the oven as we were busy with a sick child...Mattias...and putting up drywall. Take out night! The oven is TOAST! The entire bottom framing is falling apart and the only thing holding it in place is the two counters it sits between! LOL! It must have been the 30 lb turkey that took it over the edge from functional...barely..to completely useless. Will have to call the Regional Recycling Centre and have a scrap metal contractor take it away. I wonder how much gets recycled?

Which brings me to a new topic...car seats! My friend had to throw away two car seats as they didn't meet safety standards. She called all around to find a recycling centre that would take them and no such thing! They are metal, plastic and fabric....what gives? She even offered to take them apart into building materials but they all said landfill only. How many car seats end up in the landfill every year?

So I will score us 3/4. The exceptions list is growing....sigh.

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  1. car seats are a tricky one. The fabric covers can be used on another seat, but everything else is garbage when it expires. Did you/she call the fire hall? I thought that they took them, I'll talk to my contact, she's a local car seat tech here in Mission, and see what they do with expired seats that they take from people when they replace an expired seat. The newer ones do have a number stamped in the plastic so those should be recyclable? hmmmm Considering seats are good for anywhere from 5-9 years before they expire hopefully there are not as many in the dump as we think.....