Sunday, January 2, 2011

Success! LOL!

Day 2 and we managed to stay away from buying anything...or should I say Ron stayed away from the joined two online groups that sell used goods. One is Fraser Valley Cheapcycle and the other is FullCirclesMission. Managed to check out Cheapcycle and found it to be an excellent resource. You have to request membership for both sites and they are very strict about what and how you post. The creator manages the site so you don't have to weed through a long list of spam or scammers. Really impressed!

I had to go to a Jewish Funeral today for my Grandma's (on my Mom's side who passed away in 2003) best friend Mimi...or Auntie Mimi as we called her. As is Jewish custom she had to be layed to rest within 3 days and the funeral was lovely. Passages from the bible read in Hebrew and Jewish songs. Auntie Mimi lost her husband at a very young age and became a single mother of 3. Born in Brooklyn, New York she moved to England to marry then to Canada with her 3 kids. She never let the bad bring her down. Her joy for life was too strong. She managed to raise her kids on a small salary with no credit! She even became a home owner in Vancouver and still managed to look fabulous during it all. Mimi knew how live without retail because she had no choice in her younger years. She and my grandma would sew clothes for the kids while both working full time for clothing companies. Ha!

So it's a little ironic that we lose such a wonderful and thrifty lady at the beginning of our journey. I will think of Mimi every time I pass those new hiking boots in the window and remind myself that not too long ago many women did not have the luxury of new and still managed to live life to the fullest!

Score - 1/2

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