Friday, January 14, 2011

It's the Joy of my

My Ty has been very sick for the past few days...and as such has eaten nothing. He has battled me over even threatened him with a today after a chewable Tylenol he felt better.(though I was the "awfulest Mommy ever!" for making him eat it)..And he started eating...and eating...and eating. He asked me for a snack of chips and cheese (kid nachos if you know what I mean) I said "You must be feeling better." And he says "It's the Joy of my Loveness." LOL! Huh? Mattias is 5 and the youngest of 4 boys. He's bright and fun but strong willed and a wee bit the above pic? That is Ty in a nutshell. That statement took me by surprise though...The Joy of my Loveness....where did he get that from?

Just today I had one of THOSE Mom moments with his go to pick up his homework and she says "Have you talked to Sam's teacher?" No...I think I started shrinking...and she says I have something to show you...the room starts to spin a wee bit..."Sam brought this to his teacher. It was in his journal book." OH NO! Ty had written "Sam is a ASS 4 evr."..on TWO pages in BIG letters. I was Alice IN the tea pot at this point...going down the rabbit hole at full Vothe starts to giggle teacher with a sense of humour! Sam's teacher thought it was funny too....and it is! Mattias has lost part of his innocence from being exposed to 3 older brothers..and their friends. He can quote Family Guy...I know..the shame of in his little boy way can be such a smart ass and get back at his brothers in surprising had previously written FU Joe in Joe's planner...and yes...spelled correctly. UGHGH! I cannot control the influences around him 24/7 and at times I feel like a bad Mom that he knows so much of this stuff. And then he said "It's the Joy of my Loveness."

Mom is in there too! He IS listening to me on some level. He may not share it with his brothers at at least I know he is getting another influence that is about love and joy and kindness. Everyone always tells me how kind my boys are and I think REALLY? At home there is a lot of competition for attention and brothers bugging brothers. The occasional swear word...yelling match...things's a war zone at'm heartened by what others observe and by there loving language...when it does

Even when we have those days where our kids are driving us mad and getting caught doing mortifying things at school, just remember that somewhere, deep inside their minds....Mom and Dad are words and our actions are making an impression. As my oldest enters highschool next year I hope I'm still that loving voice in his head as he is faced with bigger boy challenges.

13/14 days without retail therapy. And 14 days thinking about bigger and better "things". :)

Love, Joy and Peace! XO


  1. Have not slept in a week so read over the spelling

  2. love it lol! i am glad Mrs Vothe had a sense of humour! Too funny!