Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A girl has gotta love a COWBOY! And I don't mean the calf roping 15 years and 4 kids I think I can honestly give some really good advice about sex in marriage..and how to keep it HOT!

It's NOT what you are wearing, or how you smell or how good you look's how you move! And how you flirt with your guy..he loves the side long look or the butt in the air as you get up...simple little things that tweak that OTHER when you are having good sex something in your being glows and others notice.."Your skin looks really good".....Why thank you (wink)..."You look taller" (really?)..."You lost weight!" (Yes I did...tee hee) But the challenge when you are away so much...and have so many kids changes the rules. The "experts" say schedule and have date nights and give each other lovely notes....WRONG! Grab his ass and kiss him as much as you can....and he grabs yours and kisses you too! It's not's the quality...and if you are like me and it happens between work away and the schedule of have to flirt more! I know that there are plenty of women flirting with Ron in Mexico...they see him as an opportunity. I get that! Go for it Senoritas! But I know he is true to me because....I flirt my ass off with him and LOVE IT! He comes home and knows that He has something to look forward...though he has no idea what I will do next....hahhahaaa...those little girls in Mexico are competing with a BIG ASS MAMA that appreciates her assets...and am not shy about's a two way street...I'll be making dinner and hubby will come up to me and hug and squeeze and kiss...and yes we get caught all the time by the boys...but they just giggle and cover their eyes and peek and giggle....and KNOW that Mom and Dad love each other...although Ty at this point knows we hug a lot...I'm not sure he really "get's it" I'm sure Sammy thinks sex is just kissing and squeezing and saying nice things to each

So the rules of a crazy busy marriage are as follows:
1 - FLIRT!
2 - Quickies count!
3 - FLIRT!
4 - When quality presents itself..TAKE IT!
5 - FLIRT!

We schedule Date Nights when he is home..and it's really great to have that time just to talk..but it does not guarantee a hot night of sex as you never know what you will come home

So we are 25/26 without retail therapy....though I did take 2 five year olds swimming for 2 hours and went on a hike that lead to a mud pit...when you look at those shoes in the mud do you really want to buy more? LOL!

Keeping it honest! XO

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