Monday, January 31, 2011

Hair...and just giving in..

Me with Straight Hair!
I was born with the craziest..FUZZIEST...curly had it all my life and have fought it most of my have been in line for hiker legs and missed the Hair jackpot in the lottery of genetics. It's truly a poodle on it's ME! Have had it straightened a few times and every time I look in the mirror I wonder who that person is. Silly right? It's like my hair... it's part of me and to make it tame is to make me generic...or boring.

Being the HOT chick has not been a priority..especially as I get older....not a "Cougar" and in fact own nothing tight or leopard print or low cut. And to make me even less sexy I have a FRO! LOL! The funny thing is I get hit on all the the grocery the gas the playground. And I always look behind me like there was a mistake or that leads to laughter and me blushing a million shades of red...and oh yeah..I'm a red head to boot! Red...tightly curled...really BAD hair..and somehow I attract your hearts out straighties..LOL! But it's not the hair that's my OPENESS! I am the EXTREME! I've heard life stories in the TP section that would curl your toes and never saw those people've had Moms just look at me and break into tears and we held hands and talked over the yogurt and sour cream. My friend John thinks it's my eyes..the windows to my soul scream TALK TO ME! The deep brown eyes that commiserate...and turn you on...LOL!

But I think it's the hair! Susan Boyle has a true style compared to that makes me non-threatening..kind of kooky...and someone that obviously cares not for my looks...someone that cares about others and am far too busy to give an hour a day to my hair! Which is true...really...gonna stand in front of a mirror and straighten my hair? HELL NO! Especially living in a rain a forest and as soon as I step outside the work of the morning is POOF! LITERALLY!

So here I am...with my really bad hair..and pretty dam happy! Sent my husband the straightened hair pic and a pic of it curly and guess what he likes better? THE CURLY! It's who I am! And happy that people feel good about talking to me..and happy they walk away with a smile on their face....though... if there is such thing as reincarnation I would like to come back as a strong woman without pubic hair on my

30/31 without retail therapy but now have a child that broke the zipper...yes F#$%#% Urban Planet....lasted 2 MONTHS! Made some calls and hope to get a replacement by tomorrow.

Big Mama FRO LOVE to you ALL!


  1. Donna D from Mill Billy Cobble HillFebruary 1, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    Happiness is....openness,laughing at life (along the way) and an articulate honest opinion about 'something' !!
    and well goes different everyday or so I'm told- mine does. oOh just don't want to hear..."Gee your hair is well...ok today was really nice yesterday" yep had that comment at work the other day from a coworker.
    Now have started cutting it myself ha ha- let's see what her next comment is- can't wait! :)

  2. I have got to see the self cut at least you got Mom's thick curly hair...I have baby curly. Cheers to the Fro!