Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exceptions and Confessions

The pool in the back yard. It seems the entire neighborhood of boys has clued in that it's full, warmish and clean...lol....It's good though. I like knowing where my kids are. The back yard mecca is not complete without the pool up. They have a trampoline, swing set, "tree house", hot tub and an area for riding bikes, chalk art and painting. They also play ball games back there. It's a well used, busy busy yard. But I do have to keep pool chemicals on hand and went out and stocked up. That many kids requires a daily testing and dosing. I'm going to call pool chemicals an exception. Good luck finding them used. Got some from a friend that closed her pool down but have not found any leftovers any where else. And it`s important to keep the pool clean with that much use so it just has to be an exception.

The confession is the new POOL TOYS! Some blow up volley ball games, some new rafting tubes. The others were toast from last year. My kids are hard on toys...especially the blow up plastic kind. I know you all know what I mean. I have THOSE kind of boys. Rough and tumble is an understatement. The testosterone in this house is ridiculous at times. Add the sun and water play then you get the picture....it`s Lord of the Flies! LOL! So taking a hit for those. Looked in a thrift store and only found barbie pink water wings.....ummmm...not going to work...lol! But I did stock up! Ready for when they break..or Shan`s dog comes over..lol! Love Magnum but he is a huge ass puppy that eats everything in sight. Funny!

So that brings the score to 24/186 days of retail...or 12.9%. A friend told me about a thrift store in Abbey that just opened up. Can`t remember the name but it`s by Buns Masters near Seven Oaks. I think the mosquitoes have sucked some of my brain power..LOL! Or the sun finally shining! I also compared my spending from last year at 6 months to this year....I`ve saved into the thousands! I`m NOT kidding. It adds up so quickly. I really thought I was very frugal....not even close! We saved enough to go on a super vacation. Not just the colonies any more. I get to fulfill one of my deepest wishes...hiking the Jasper Columbia Ice fields! Have dreamed of doing it for 20 years....and we are doing it as a family...even better!

Frugal Big Momma love to you all. XO

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all!

We just got back from the big celebration in the park. They had bouncy castles, pony rides, rock climbing, hay rides, lumberjack shows, dog agility shows, extreme biking show..etc...etc..The kids had a blast. Went to see Dad at the Elk's trailer and got the foot long hot dogs with onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers and mustard. YUM! They had all kinds of concessions. And the stage was always busy with dancers and musicians. Well done! A terrific turn out from the community too. We love our Canada....and a good party too...lol...
Off to a BBQ to celebrate some more. To live here is a privilege. I honestly feel grateful to be born and raised in this country. The access to clean water, food, education, housing...the remarkable people I have met over the years. Volunteerism is alive and well in Canada. So is political activism. Something we are allowed to do without fear of reprisal. It's easy to take our comfort and safety for granted.

So here is a big CHEERS to Canada! We love you so!

Proud Canadian Big Momma love to you all. XO