Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day one and Hubby blew it!

OMG! My husband decided to go shopping! And where did he go? URBAN PLANET! And what did he buy? Sweat pants! And his excuse? "They were cheaper than Value Village" And guess where they were made...BANGLADESH! UGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we didn't even make one day without buying new! I am still committed to making the change....even if hubby doesn't want to join my "crusade" as he puts it. Crusade? More like a lifestyle choice. He's pretty sheepish right now so I hope that feeling remains when he goes out next time. I should have known this would happen.....he LOVES to shop. I guess I just have to laugh about this slip up and move on.

Did some more research on the subject and found a catch phrase that describe a new movement.Collaborative Consumption! Don't buy - Lend, Swap, Share and Borrow. Gone are the days of beg, borrow, steal....a new consciousness has many thinking about our impact on the planet. Collaborative consumption is a growing trend. Some families have created clothing swaps in their neighborhoods. Some schools have set up swaps year round in an unused room in the school. There are plenty of websites devoted to swapping or selling used goods. Craigslist has been a favourite of mine for some time. Bought a sauna, an elliptical trainer and some garden tools for much less than retail and in mint condition. Besides saving money, which is important when you have 4 growing boys to feed, buying used ensures that the goods don't end up in a land fill, that there is zero packaging to dispose of and resources are not being used to make and transport a new one. It really is common sense.

I understand the thrill of buying a new pair of shoes or finding that screaming deal in the mall. The just have to have it now moments. Guilty of impulse shopping and not thinking about the people that made it, how it got to the shop and the enormous resources used to display and sell the product. I have not set foot in a mall in over a year. I unconsciously began an anti-consumption program in 2010. Maybe it was because I hate shopping or because I got a dog so the focus was to go outside. Maybe caring for my dying mother shifted my focus and got me thinking about what is important in life. Whatever the reason the process had already started but to go 100% to collaborative consumption will still be a challenge. Which brings up the exceptions questions. My husband and I agreed that food, medications, vitamins, undergarments and shoes can be purchased new. We both believe proper foot wear is important, especially for growing boys. Will try my best to find decent used shoes but am not holding my breath. supplies? How do you source out used notebooks, pencils etc. May have to be another exception. Toiletries? Makeup, soap, toothpaste etc....those I will consider part of the grocery bill. I'm committed to the process but there is an ick factor to used toiletries. Internet? Videos? Games? I need the Internet for my job as an accountant so that stays. Movies will have to be pre-owned as well as PS3 games and Wii games. Magazines? I guess I have to beg to get peoples''t think of any other exceptions at this time but will post if anymore come up.

So here we are..Day 1 of the challenge. 0/1....failed already but will keep trying. HUSBANDS! UGGGG! LOL!

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