Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love you..I love you more..I love you greater!

My Sammy....the cutest most disruptive boy on the LOVES and he DESTROYS all at the same time. My Hercules with a dash of Don Juan...that boy that you cannot help but love and yet is the instigator of everything! When the dam burst he jumped in it....when his brother got sick he held his head and gave him juice. That infuriating combination of Macho and Kindness....the girls will swoon when he is better make sure he has his own cell phone as I know what that kind of combo can do to a girl...Oh yeah! I married it! My honey! He's a macho, red necked, golfing, boy time, uncensored good ol' boy...and I love him girl likes the Manly man and his manly ways...but there is so much more to that man.....he is a grown up too! The real reason we love them...My man is all man but he can do laundry and dishes and cook and care for a sick boy just as well as I can....he has ZERO delusions of what a man is...he steps up to the plate and does what needs doing. Granted our life is different from most..he is gone for many weeks at a time...he is not here for 80% of the year..just me and the boys for the most part. BUT when Ron is home he is HERE! No excuses and no job too small. I get to sleep in the entire time and he does the morning duty....So it is no surprise that Sam is like his Dad...and every day I tuck him into bed I say " I love you." He says "I love you more" and I say "I love you greater!"..and his beautiful nose wrinkles and we hug and hug some little man that I KNOW will be a fantastic husband and great father and drive them all to them!


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