Saturday, January 8, 2011


Can you spot Ty? LOL!

Tax season has officially begun for me. The next four months will be a big push to get it had a client over last night to pick up 3 returns. Do you think I could find a pen anywhere? In any drawer? In the kids' rooms? OMG! Was my face red! LOL! So today I went to Staples and bought a HUGE pack of pens...I'm looking at them right them with my office supplies will have to be yet another exception. I do have plenty left over from last year but my stapler is toast...thanks boys...and have very few envelopes left. Of course I will need to get a box of paper and a spare toner cartridge just in case. I usually print about 5,000 pieces of paper during this time. I know...all those trees! But how can I get around the paper issue with taxes? I do E-file but the client needs a hard copy for their records. Will try to find 100% recycled paper with a decent quality. Anyone have any suggestions as to brand?

So I'm off to get ready for date night with hubby. We are meeting my brother and his wife at Mr. Mikes. The house wine is so leaves Monday for 5 or 6 weeks...sigh. At least we had 3 fabulous weeks together. Hasta pronto mi amor.

Happy Saturday!

PS. If any football widows would like to leave the kids at home and join us please

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