Monday, January 10, 2011

MEN! Though I love mine

Hubby left this morning for 5-6 weeks and I'm outnumbered and overwhelmed instantly! LOL! Just after 7 AM Joe says to me "Mom, shouldn't you be making breakfast?" Really Joe? Just because I had a 3 week break from the morning routine does not mean I forgot how to do it...GEEZ! And of course I kept myself super busy cleaning out closets and packing up clothes to pass along. Ben was home sick and Ty didn't have school so I floated in between their needs and my distraction requirement. Distraction works wonders when I'm upset or worried or just plain down in the dumps. I think I am an expert at this out for a bit to do this and that and take Bella for a hike...dam is it ever COLD! Picked up 2 from school then home to make cookies. Looking around at what else I can do to keep me can I say? It's my personality...always has been.

Watched Food INC. with Ron and his BFF Greg last night. Loved their reactions! They had no idea of the disintegration of the food industry. They were appalled at the 13 slaughterhouses in the US..."You mean that burger I eat at McDonalds could have thousands of cows in it?" YES!  "The cereal I eat is made from genetically modified grain?" YES! All these years those two would just snort at me while I "informed" them of this and that and they watch ONE movie and are converted? REALLY? All I have to do is show them documentaries to get them on board? Even just yesterday I was telling the kids we would never swim with the dolphins again after watching "The Cove" and reading many articles...Ron snorted at me again and told me I go too far with this stuff. Next time he is home we are watching The Cove WITH Greg and then see what he has to say..GEEZ! Is it because I am a mere female? Is it because I overload those delicate male minds with too much information? Is it becasue the two of them are a couple of dinosaurs set in their ways and afraid to change? HA! Greg left swearing he was going to be more careful of how and what he they will listen to me from now on..LMAO! NOT! But, at least two more people are thinking about their consumer impact and how their $$$$ can influence change.

So we are 9/10...or 90%! Not bad...though I do have a $200 gift certificate to the Schuh Boutik burning a hole in my SHOES! I do love them

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  1. Not sure yet...thinking of making the front all vegie garden...a community garden in my front yard!