Sunday, April 3, 2011

Screw the Goody Bags!

Oh the GUILT! My baby's 6th Birthday party and I didn't do the GOODY BAGS! I went into the dollar store and looked around and read labels and thought...What the HELL am I thinking? Why give these kids a bag of poorly made toys...and made of who knows what? They had a GREAT time playing floor hockey, soccer, British bull dog, freeze tag, basketball and all other active fun games for 2 the guests received a free pass to the leisure centre and a helium balloon. Did the kids really need more? NO! Over that guilty feeling...and EXHAUSTED! LOL! Playing floor hockey with 7 little boys is challenging to say the least..and they are RUTHLESS! LOL!

But I do have to confess....gulp...I bought a tank top at Fields for $3..white and made in Bangladesh...I shrink as I type...but in my defence...well...there is was so cheap and I needed a non stained white tank....shrinking when we went on vacation to the Island I bought the 3 boys brave enough to go into the caves a T-shirt each. The profits went to the Horn Lake Cave society and I was just so dam proud of them. And when we went to Coombs Sam got a new hoodie..for the first time in his 7 years. He LOVED it so much and pleaded...and Ron and I just couldn't say no. A brand new hoodie is sometimes what a person needs...seriously...he was so happy and has been so careful with it. Who knew if Sam got a new piece of clothing he would actually take responsibility for its care? LOL! But Horn Lake and Coombs were on the same two equals one as I count in days....sneaky eh? And after a year winning a gift certificate to the Shu Butik I went in with my best friend LZ and got two new pairs of summer black and one yellow by Joseph beautiful and so comfortable! I will have those shoes for decades if I take care of them. Can't wait to get a pedicure and show them what woman doesn't like her shoes?

So we are 84/93 days without retail therapy. But we are close to May 1st...the day I always go out to get my new Summer wardrobe...the day AFTER tax season ends. Will try to resist...not looking at the fliers! Not looking at the catalogues...though I did go into Uncommon Threads and fall in love with a dressy tank...$96? Ya...NO way can I afford that and even if I could...that much money for a locally made tank top? Get REAL!

Anti-Goodie bag Big Momma love to you all...XXOO

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