Friday, April 15, 2011

It's too quiet! What are they up too?

How funny is this pic? Sammy at age 20 months on the colony with his a Sponge Bob pajama Ron in the background manhandling Joe at age 4. Those were the days! LMAO!

Had a great conversation with a few Moms from Ty's kindergarten. I watched them approach with their double strollers and the toddler running ahead and I thought to myself..WOW! It was not so long ago that that was ME! I joked...So tired yet? they both just gave me that look like they were ready to run away and run far! LOL! BEEN THERE! DONE THAT! It's so busy and so many "accidents" and so many "redirections". I told them that it gets better...and they were like REALLY? LOL! It DOES! Those little monkeys grow up so fast and by 4 you can pretty much talk to them to the point that they get it...well....depends on the you can be assured for the most part that they understand NO and WHY...unless they have autism and those little monkeys just don't give a are all about them.

Which brings me to the point...if you have 3+ kids under 5 and it's quiet? Be afraid! Be very afraid! Quiet at that stage means that something was being flushed into the toilet...or my best serving spoons were in the dirt digging up "dinosaurs"...or the finger paint was used to paint a the ENTRY! Or the sharpies were used to paint the washer and dryer. SILENCE is golden..unless you have LITTLE people in your house!  Then it means TROUBLE! If you can't hear them then you had better investigate! One time I couldn't find Ben at age 18 months and he was at my neighbors NAKED jumping in the puddles and it was DECEMBER! COLD! LOL! What the hell was I doing? I think laundry but after that I got an alarm system with chimes on doors and windows.

I've actually gotten off easy even with the 4 boys...One friend had her son and a buddy spray the fire extinguisher all over the basement...and these same two emptied a Costco size lot of shaving cream all over the main bathroom in the house. She was nursing the new baby......OMG! LOL! We can laugh now but at the time you want to just SHRINK and DISAPPEAR! Tired and nerves frayed you look at that mess and think..What the hell was I thinking having kids? You DO! For all you new Moms or to be will have days you are completely MORTIFIED and just DONE with parenting. I will SAY IT OUT LOUD...parenting can really SUCK!

So I invite all you Moms to share your horror stories..those moments when you look at the floor and wish the deep dark hole will appear and swallow you moments when you tune out the looks from strangers and just want to get the hell out of the store! LOL!



  1. Susan - how very true this is. As a Mum of 5 I have also been there, done that and 'got the tee shirt' as we say in England! One of my worst moments??? Busy day, went to supermarket on way home - with my 3 little girls (one and a half to 4 at the time). The usual look but don't touch scenario. Approached giant floor freezers (higher than their heads) - I warned them don't climb up the side you might fall in - then reached to the back of the near empty freezer to get peas - and fell in myself! They stood there telling me off !

  2. LOL! That is so funny Lin! Just the other day I thought my 6 and 7 year olds were over the monkey stage and took them for the BIG grocery shop. They were complete rotters the entire time and when I went to pay the store manager came running out and yelled at my kids to get off the bottled water display....where is the hole for me to disappear into? LOL! Kids! They are worth it! LOL!