Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm just so DAM TIRED!

Hubby came home the tale end of tax season and wouldn't you know it...I got my period! Needless to say I"M FUCKING EXHAUSTED! And to add to the whole thing I have 26 family members for dinner tomorrow....sweet serenity now! Will rally...always do. I'm so used to having this EXTRA reserve to be SUPER WOMAN.....but now have a double WHAM! We have all been there...those moments when you can pull it off but your body is saying NO! If I say PLEASE will you jump start a wee bit? And to top it off the two younger ones have been complete ASSHOLES! And of course missing Mom.

AHHHHHHH! Feel it off my chest! You are all kind of like my girl friends in a way..and my friends that are "boys". Sometimes when I sit down to write I am just venting...getting it out there...just saying it like it is..and just trying my best not to give in to my inner Whine. We all have that too...the inner Whine on your shoulder threatening to take you down and just walk away from all it.  Can't give in to that voice...can't give that voice the time of day.

Which brings in the principle of self love....sometimes you just have to give in...but just for a wee bit. No big drama or BIG meltdowns required...just let me cry my eyes out for a few hours and be good to go! Listen to tunes...have a bath with candles....write....hike...just stare at the sky...whatever you need to be whole again. TAKE IT! TAKE THE TIME!

I guarantee that if you take the time to melt down and give in to the whine in your own will feel a hell of a lot BETTER! But don't drag it out like it's day time TV...take the moments....nobody remembers the entire day...they always remember the moments.


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