Friday, April 8, 2011

My Sense of Humour has fallen into the SHREDDER!

The smiley rainbow over my house this evening. I could barely see it from the squinty, pasty eye balls I have these days. It's TAX SEASON..queue music..BUM BUM bum baaaa! LOL! Have been an accountant truly love my job. I get to help families and businesses get the max refund and least tax paid. It makes me feel like I have a worthy that I can really make a difference sometimes. Had a new client this year that was diagnosed with a degenerative disease and was able to go back 7 years and get her a $30,000 refund! WOOHOO! Had another lady that got over $10,000. Have had some families with kids on the ASD spectrum and got them HUGE refunds too. It's just knowing where to put what number where...but it took years of working under self righteous sexist assholes to learn it. Did I say that out loud? LOL! To work in the financial industry is to work with some real "winners"

But I digress....a habit of it's tax time I spend a lot of time on the computer...a lot of time rubbing my chin and thinking...thinking...thinking...My chin looks like the craters on the moon from the break outs and the effect of Tax time! And I get these really red dry hair gets fuzzier...radiation from the screen? LOL! My nails grow though...all that paper protein rubs off. Kind of cool really...they get hard as rock! So I look like a scary witch this time of year...LOL! And I also get real quiet...have a hard time talking to others. It's me going into a mode...a zone! After school at the playground today I ran into so many moms and I felt like I was drooling and pulling on my tongue...LOL! I have NO sense of humour! The number laws have sucked me dry and I am a walking calculator! Don't ask me how I am doing...I start thinking of asking you if you deducted Jr's hockey fees..Don't comment to me about the weather..I start thinking if you claimed your house insurance for your business...CRAZY! LOL!

So bare with me all....I have 26 days left! 26 days of counting the breaks in the cross walk as we walk to the NOW!

Blind Big Momma Tax love to you all. XXOO

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