Sunday, April 24, 2011

Help! Which is the family pic to Print?

We had family photos done yesterday. Needless to say the above image is NOT my first was once again an exercise in humour and patience...especially for Tammy, our took 248 pics of all of us including extended family. My Grandma made it out for the first time after her hip surgery and we were all so grateful to have her there. She certainly enjoyed watching Ron and I try to manhandle these boys into a decent family pic. So here is how it progressed.....

First to goof off was Joe....he looked like he was going to blow his top. LOL!

Then it was Sam...he had just decided he was done with this and started walking away...LOL!

Then Ty thought he could just too........LOL!

 Then Ben got into the act..LOL!

Then Ron had to get silly too..LOL!

Needless to say by the end of the photo shoot I was sweating bullets..LOL! But we did manage to get 2 decent shots. So here are the 2 choices for the one to print out and put in the 8 by 10 frame.



I like the number 1 because Bella is in it and number 2 for the sun. Which would you choose?  And thanks for your opinion in advance.



  1. I'd pick #1 as well for a couple of reasons; everyone looks natural and comfortable, you can see Ben better, the boys personalities seem to show through and last but not least how could you even think of putting up a family photo without Bella in it! lol Don't worry Bella I got your back! lol

  2. I think they're both great Susan and I agree with Loesha about the personalities in #1, but I love the light in #2. I think you're good no matter which one you choose!

  3. I'm going wih number 1! I will make a copy of #2 for the album though. I still put pictures in albums. The kids love to look through them and so do I. Thank you for your help! :)