Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

Read SOME of the book and watched SOME of the movie and can honestly say I was BORED! A successful woman married a little boy and when it ended she had to travel SOME MORE to find herself? Really? Park your Whine at the door lady...we're all stocked up here! LOL! Don't get me wrong...I do think getting outside your BOX is a really wonderful thing to do. I tell everybody I meet...push your boundaries...feel the rush of adrenaline on a Roller Coaster...go white water rafting....bungee jump...go spelunking! It all wakes you up! You can feel the hairs on your neck rise and your heart pounding and your fears retreating.....though I do still have the willies with spiders despite holding a tarantula..lol...and heights are still scary sometimes despite zip lining TWICE! But was never more afraid than being in a dark cave..helmet with light...with my 5 year old ahead of me...and we came upon an area of rock climbing....using your finger tips and toes to cross with NO WIRES to save you...and he slipped! Momma grabbed that hand with lightening speed and he dangled by one arm and me holding onto an inch of rock by the tips of fingers and toes. A moment when you can panic and fall apart or use every part of yourself to think rationally and be a leader to your child. Pulled him up and helped him turn back...finger by finger. My sister in law and I were shaking in our runners at this point..lol...and the drop was maybe 10 feet....but HOLY SHIT! My little man falling that far into a rocky dark creek? I don't think so!

I don't get these self help gurus where the people that write books have the luxury to spend an entire year to "discover" themselves....I have kids and a husband and a job and an extended family....so I will take a year off when I'm older ...or NOT! I'm living NOW! No time out required! I take the time occasionally to be uncomfortable and test my nerves....it's fantastic! And yoga has been more challenging than zip lining...I have to be quiet and breathe and not think....???? LOL! Getting better but still a part of me wants to fight that silence. Yet it's the silence that I need.

But I digress! Can never buy into the whiner mentality...poor me...my life is so hard! BARF! How about taking charge and doing something about it? How about just living your life with authenticity? Pretending or having to convince yourself that life is good is kind of like being a wolf in sheep's clothing...you will be found out eventually...why bother? And if you have to take a year of your life to figure out why you are such a phony then I suggest you come on over here and clean a toilet or do the laundry or dance with the boys...you will save a lot of time and go away being dam glad you don't have to parent these 4 boys everyday...or wish you did...either way..it's FREE!

XXOO For my Dearest Anti-Whine Mom friends. :):)


  1. I couldn't agree more. It's such self-indulgent stuff - I could never understand how or why her 'crisis' occurred (I've not seen the movie, and won't be seeing it, ever) It was so much ALL ABOUT HER, not even in context of the world or others' suffering. And yeah, wouldn't we all love to bolt to the desert or to Bali or to Machu Pichu to reflect upon existential dilemmas and get a good tan?! Chop wood, carry water - that's where the challenge lies. xo

  2. It's a reflection of our society that shallow diatribe is celebrated and shared. Good thing there are still people that call it what it is...Bullshit!