Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confessions of a Frustrated Shopper

The above picture pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about our quest. Was floating along pretty good...mind you I was a slave to the house with sick kids then a slave to my computer with tax season starting in January. Then WHAM! Ron's Birthday...and I had to get the cheesy decorations...and he wanted an got him one of those too. Then Ben broke the pockets on the used hoodie and out of complete frustration I stormed into Jeans Warehouse and got him TWO new hoodies...on clearance thanks to the intervention of my friend Lisa. You see....I HATE shopping! I really really do.
I used to know what I needed and run in the store, grab the size, pay and run out. I like Reitmans because I know what size I am and what looks good on in, grab, pay, run out. It was a GREAT system. No fuss, no looking for hours on end at clothes or shoes. I would just get it DONE!
I think it all started when I had kids. I remember being pregnant with Ben and spending hours in the stores finding the perfect crib, layette, clothes, stroller etc. With Joe I enjoyed clothes shopping too...and at that point he had so many hand me downs from Ben it was a treat to get a new hoodie. Fast forward 2 more boys and I just want to puke when they need guess I am all shopped out! LOL! Reached my shopping quotient for life and that's all! I made the commitment to NOT buy retail and am sticking with it. I may have more hoodie meltdowns and end up in Jeans Warehouse hoodies were made in China and much better quality than Urban Planet so I'm hoping they last a while.
I also broke down and bought Ty the cutest piggy bank at Save On...he gave me THAT face....the little wee lip out and big brown eyes pleading...a moment of weakness. He was being such a good boy know..I know...slap on the wrist! I will not give in...I will not give

So we are 56/62 with out retail therapy. YIKES! My record is getting pretty do promise to do better. Joe has a Bday party this weekend and I am NOT giving out goodie bags!

Big Momma anti-shopping Mom love to you All! XO

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