Monday, March 14, 2011

Civil Disobedience..and getting your child to do it for you!

Just a quick note. Joe got to go to City Hall today for a field trip. So all weekend he asked me "What would you ask the Mayor?" Bit my tongue over and over and over again and finally this morning I lose it I SNAP! Ask HIM why my property taxes are so HIGH! Ask him why he is bringing a BIG BOX our lovely little town to destroy it.

HMMMM...Joe goes....he likes to think about these things you he says OKAY! Okay then! So off he goes and he does ask these questions and the mayor's response to why we pay so much in property taxes? Because we are bringing in a WALMART! LMFAO! Of course this all confusing for Joe...Mom hates Walmart but she pays higher taxes to bring the store here? He didn't get to the next question but he will! Training them young! Autistic or not they will all know the devil of corporate America and the folly of consumerism. And the mayor actually used Walmart as an excuse to raise taxes? WHAT? That dirty dirt bag for clouding our kids minds with HIS agenda...GRRRRR!!!!!

So we are ?/? without retail therapy...will have to go back and look at my last numbers..which I recall really were not good. Have not bought anything new though! Oh crap...I did buy a few squishy lizards for the to keep clear of the loonie store!

Big Momma Civil Disobedience LOVE to you all! XO

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