Monday, March 7, 2011

How to get a toy out of the toilet!

I'm writing this very important piece of advice as it may come in handy for four boys the toilet has become entertainment on a number of occasions...last count was 12! YES! 12 times the toilet had to be removed and the offending toy REMOVED! The first was of course age 2 1/2. Glad Ron was still in town as I had no idea what to do. We plunged till we were sweating bullets and the darn toilet didn't came the bucket and removal of the truly OFFENSIVE water....ewwww........but don't forget to turn OFF the water to the toilet FIRST! You will be bailing for a looooonggg time. ;)

So then you have to remove the bolts to the tank and remove the tank.....that is if it is in two parts...some toilets are all in one! And don't forget to EMPTY the tank....that gets really messy really fast if you Then you have to untighten the bolts to the floor...which have been peed on so many times they have fused with the screw.....having MAN hands is truly helpful at this point. If you have arthritis forget about it! Call a plumber! Then you lift the very heavy toilet off the floor and turn it upside down. The smell is DISGUSTING! The seal in the floor looks like a slimy elephant sized spent'm NOT kidding. The fumes wafting in the air.....maybe grab a mask or a towel to cover your can be overwhelming.

So now you have the toilet bowl upside down and hope with all hope that you can SEE the offending toy....or maybe it's a toothbrush. If you see NOTHING under the bowl you are SCREWED! That sucker is in the loop and won't be going anywhere. Well...we did have success with taking it outside and using the hose with a power head...out came the hot wheels. On one occasion we couldn't get the sucker to move.....we tried EVERYTHING! Ron got so dam mad he smashed the toilet open and what did he find? A WEEBLE! They wobble but they don't go through a toilet...LMAO! Needless to say the rest of the weebles were donated that

So toilet is free of toy but now you have to replace the seal...the used elephant condom....ewww....The new ones in the box are so shiny and clean. You just take out the old and put in the new. $5 and you have the knowledge that the toilet won't leak into your tile. Rubber gloves are handy throughout but particularly at the seal removal don't forget to bleach the hell out of the tile before you put the toilet back on....seals are good but not

On one occasion Ron was in Mexico and I called Mr. Rooter. The most gorgeous young man came to fix my toilet.....yeah! Then he gave me the bill...$200!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So guess who did it the last 2 times? Wasn't so bad except I forgot to bail the tank the first time and almost broke my back trying to lift

So I hope this helps.....weebles are BAD! Hot wheels come out with forced water and toothbrushes end up at the bottom. Small dinosaurs can have looong necks....transformers suck too. Grandpas and brothers will come to your rescue for cookies. Husbands are great unless they are out of town. Kids are challenging and totally worth choose their toys WISELY! LOL! Toilets are entertainment....and not just for the cheerios you use to teach your boys how to aim....why did I listen to THAT advice? Making flushing a game will back fire! LOL!

I can laugh about it now....

Big Momma LOVE to you all! XO

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