Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make sure brain is engaged before...

I like to talk....REALLY? LMAO! Seriously have been inflicted with the chatter box all my life to the point that my Mom's mom got me a HUGE poster that said "Make sure brain is engaged before putting mouth into gear"...LOL! I'm so not kidding. I have this crazy energy and this crazy mind that just thinks and reads and ponders and thinks....It's WHO I AM! I was born to think and share and repeat! I can't help it..lol...the trappings of my brain are full of useless and nonsensical data...trivia should be an outlet for me but I'm far too busy sharing the shit I know..LOL!

But it gets me into trouble....have a debating background and was raised that way anyway...my parents always taught me to dig deeper into a news story..never trust the source! Not that they were crazy ANTI government or anti anything...it was just think for yourself kind of stuff. So I go on FB or Twitter and someone posts this or that and my mind right away goes...Hold on a minute....is it true? When was this article posted? Who did the reporting? Is it tabloid? Who is the writer? Etc...etc...etc....and then with the issue presented I ALWAYS have a view! I read so many publications a day you would think I was a reporter....it's insane! It gets less and less as the boys get older and stay up later but I am up to 40 a day as of this date. FREAKY eh?

Not really as my Mom taught me how to speed read. I can read the Province in 10 minutes cover to cover including sports. I have not taught my boys as I feel this can lead to ME! Insatiable news junkie....blog junkie...but if they want to know I will teach them. So I can get through most of MY news in 2 hours and learn a HELL of a LOT! And on every subject.

But it also makes me less sensitive sometimes...a clinical approach to news CAN lead to indifference. I can be really insensitive at times in my response to a post. Not to hurt on purpose but to make a point...without thought to the person making it. I debated Muslim clerics for some time about their defence of a young girl at age 9 being married off to a man at age 60..and one pointed out this was 6 hundred years ago and that we have Bountiful...GULP! Talk about eating CROW! Not that I support the Bountiful compound but he sure was right that it still exists today and right here in our own back yard....

So I just wanted to share that I am a VERY political person....I live and breathe it but I am also really fun...according to my friends. I'm sorry if I offend but it never is on purpose...it's just my opinion that comes from a very active and inquisitive mind.

And NO shopping! Hanging tough with that but have a long list and need a day to peruse the thrift stores for it.

Chatter Box Momma love to you all! XO

PS? I think knowledge gives me power...power to think...to decide...to debate...to fight! But remember...I still have those down times....terrible reality TV and now Glee! Love that show...lol...


  1. Angela DoolittleMay 17, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    BIg love to you Suzie Q! We all love you for who you are not who your not! You need to STOP being so hard on yourself, love you for you! We all love you and need you to be just who you are! Anyone who doesn't like what your saying or is implying that you are this or that can step off! Don't change my friend not one bit!

  2. Hey, no one wants you to change! And I figure healthy debate is all good as long as one is willing to listen and admit when they're wrong! Keep at it! :o)