Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I ain't 20 Anymore! Ouch!

As you can see I have been a hiker most of my life. That pic was taken in 1994...I was 24 years old and in the best shape of my life! Still a "big" girl but strong as an ox and not afraid of much at all. Fast forward 16 years and I have the middle aged "pains"...you know the ones...the ones that happen when you get off the couch to go pee...LOL....the ones that strike mid stride for no reason...the ones that haunt you the next day after a long physical day. My knees are screwed from figure skating and various other sports. I have arthritis in my hands, knees and ankles....and now suspecting my hips...LOL.....OYVEY!

I look at the younger me and wish I could tell her to ENJOY IT! I had no clue as to my physical power and endurance and in retrospect wish I had taken the moments to embrace it and reflect on the youth of my body at the time.

I have begun working for a landscaping company. My friend owns it and she just had major surgery so I offered up my help. OMG! 3 hours of bark mulch hauling up a ramp in a tiered garden and I HURT! I can barely bend my fingers and my knees are SCREAMING at me! LOL! And I hike almost every day....what the hell? Granted back breaking labour has not been my forte..lol....I am an accountant and desk and mind work are what I do but I didn't think my body would protest so much! LOL! Sat in the hot tub with Joe for 25 minutes...which was actually really fun as he is such a character....he had me laughing and just enjoying his company..then I had to get out.....OUCH! Didn't work...I hobbled to change and hobbled back to the couch...lol...and I have to do it all over again tomorrow. At least I already have callouses so my hands won't bleed....LOL!

So here I am a middle aged wreck...How did that happen? LOL! I will suck it up buttercup and do it all over again tomorrow because a promise is a promise and my word is my word.....but I really hope like hell we get a wicked rain storm and I can stay home and jump in my sauna to ease the aches...LOL! I accept I'm not 24 anymore but MAN! Wish I had appreciated it more. My Mom always said you will never be more beautiful or vibrant or strong as you are right now...and she was RIGHT! So I am thinking I will never be more beautiful and vibrant and strong as I am right now! This May 10th, 2011. And I will get up and be the best I can be tomorrow...and be grateful that I can.

Last score was 112/125 but I have to declare a day of colony clothes shopping. Got some really cute capped sleeved shirts and cotton pants at Reitmans. And I do have to get Sam a new pair of shoes...how do the sides blow out like that? I mean REALLY? What are you DOING my son? And Hubby bought a pressure washer retail...that I am in charge of setting up and using...hahahhahaha...that should be something to watch...maybe I should sell tickets to a comedy show and give the proceeds to the school...lol....

So the new score is 110/132....22 days of retail in 5 months....good grief! That SUCKS!

Hurting Big Momma love to you all. XXOO

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