Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I do Declare some shopping!

I have to declare some retail therapy...We are putting on a Teacher appreciation luncheon at the school and came up with the theme of Tea Party. Like they have at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. It's a garden tea party. So another Mom and I volunteered to decorate. Formal teas give out party favours. Found these sweet hot pink boxes and sage ribbon to put chocolates in. Michaels! And yes...made in China! So I got to looking around and they had the most gorgeous spring flower garlands for 60%! So I bought some of those too. Riffled through my sheets and curtains and found enough to cover one wall and putting white lights behind them. The garlands will hang off of the curtains. And what is right beside Michael's? Bed Bath and Beyond! Oh no! I just HAD to go take a look...gulp....and you guessed it! I bought myself a whole new bedding set....including 4 matching throw pillows, two sets of sheets and matching bed skirt and shams...all for $159! I have not had new bedding in 6 years so I figure I'd treat myself for my birthday...lol....And yes...Made in CHINA! UGHGH! I feel guilty but I'm so happy with it at the same time. My bedroom looks all grown up like now..lol....even the kids were like "Can I sit on the bed Mom?" LOL!

So in the next week I will be begging people to borrow their fine china tea sets, fine serving plates, linens etc to create this whole other world for the teachers. I'm also in charge of making mini quiches for 40 and am looking for recipes. I need to find side plates as well. Think Great Gatsby Tea Party and you get the picture of what we are trying to achieve. Wish us luck!

Hubby is home for a week and what did he decide he had to do? Build a tree house! UGHGH! That man cannot sit still for a minute. I thinks it's sweet of him but can I catch a break? Please! I just need some down time. Can't shake this cold and feeling really run down. I need some sun for more than a day I think...lol...

So we are now 128/151 days without retail....23 days of shopping for retail in 5 months. Good thing we are heading to the colonies in a while...no shopping there at all! LOL! I will be learning how to slaughter chickens this time....gulp! I want to do this though....it's important to know the process from beginning to end. If I'm going to eat chicken then I better have the gumption to look it in they eye and kill it. Maybe this will break me from meat for good. I'm also going to be learning the Bee business this time. That should be very interesting. I have asked to help in the gardens too. Will let you all know if I'm allowed.

Big Momma love to you all! XO

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