Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's that time!

My Mom and Dad 3 years ago...with my Grandma who was 89 at the time. Fast forward 3 years and we have lost Mom and Grandma has broken her hip and has slowed down immensely and my Dad has prostate cancer. Holy SHIT! What a difference in our lives and it has made me reflect on mine in so many ways. Add that dear friends have had serious health issues and have come close to not surviving. Add friends of friends have passed away so young or have had debilitating health issues that they will never recover from.

So...I am finally having a Will done up! YEP! It's so irresponsible that we have not done so yet...having 4 kids and we just have not. At first it was the question of who would take the kids? Asked one in the family and they flatly can't blame them...4 boys to raise is A LOT to ASK. My parents were older so we felt they were not an option. His family is mostly Hutterite so the kids were not welcome as they were "outsiders" and so we waivered for some time. Now that the boys are older and have developed a very strong bond to my brother and his wife Nikki we have all agreed that they will take over if something happens. I feel good about that decision as Nikki is so loving and kind and my brother won't take any teen aged disrespect lightly and will encourage sports. Ron and I agree that the bond between my brother's family and our family is strong and that they would thrive if something happened.

It feels so odd to be "planning" my a lawyer and she made me feel like it is just a process and to not dwell on the end...had me her number if anyone is interested). The thought of not being here for the family that I LOVE so much and work so hard for is so surreal but I have a responsibility to ensure that they are taken care of without the drama of the unknown. We are clearly not rich people but with life insurance the kids should be taken care of well. Even writing that makes me sad....planning a will is not easy. I get why people put it off for so long....why I put it off for so long.....but am now at a point in my life that I GET IT!

Please please make sure you have a Will...make sure your people are taken care of. I wish I could say there are no surprises and that good health lasts forever....but it doesn't. I remember my Aunt Val's dear friend Steve who was a marathon runner who had a massive heart attack running the Sea Wall at Stanley Park...he was 41. So vibrant and strong and FUNNY! That was 22 years ago....I didn't get it then...but I sure do now.

So we are still without retail therapy after the last update...whatever that to see a movie called the Clean Bin Project...about a couple that tried to reduce their garbage impact for a year. Can't wait! And had a lovely friend drop off a copy of "Get Real" by Mara Rockliff.  It's a FANTASTIC read and I highly recommend it. All about what and where the things you buy comes from. It made me sad and mad....Pardon my writing...I'm so darn tired from landscaping....yet another post as I am in AWE of the work ethic. You got to love it to do it...seriously. I do it because I love my friend recovering from surgery...and hope for her quick recovery so I can go back to NOT digging up trees. LOL!

"Getting it" Big Momma love to you all! XO

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