Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You have just GOT to love BOYS!

Yesterday was the last "nice" day for some time and in a moment of absolute craziness I volunteered to take two of mine plus 3 more from other families on a hike. The Moms of the kids coming with me were like.."Oh thank god!" See ya! LOL! All the other Moms were like "Are you crazy?" LOL! 5 boys 7 and under? In the woods? By yourself? Yep! And it was FUN!

Of course they started off all energy and running and not listening....until the big thud of a tree. 'SHHHH" I could be a bear. Stay close. That solved the running away problem in an instant! HAHAHA! Sam and Ty knew where they wanted to go and show the others this and that. Let them lead the way. Up this hill and down that one. 2 boys started getting scared so they held my hand. "Spiders won't bite you...just use a stick to push them aside". Okay...okay...then I had 5 little boys with sticks. UMMMM....what was I thinking? LOL! But they were all so serious about keeping those spiders off of them that not one poked the other.

We go down a ravine and two of the boys are scared. Held their little hands and showed them the side ways walk...and to grab onto the ferns if you have to. They got to the bottom and bolted to the creek. A "camp" was set up by some "green" teens. There is a "tent" made of trees and benches and garden ornaments and even a sign to remind all who visit to be respectful. I read it out to the boys and they all nodded....then proceeded to jump the creek!

 All except one boy who was too I held his hand across and he just beamed! He made it back across all by himself and was so proud! Six years old and beaming! I almost cried....such pride in that little boy face. Can you be any cuter?

Up the ravine we went. The new hikers grabbed onto what they boys rammed up like mountain leading the way.

 To the Bridge! Where they threw rocks and got soaked to the bone...well 3 did..and yes 2 were's just water!

 While we were there a boy on a bike came by and told me it was "dangerous" for them to be there. LMAO! Told him it was fine...we go all the time...and he looked like he wanted to join us. But he didn' he went. I think his parents have it grilled in his head to be "safe".

Up the stairs we went...made it a game. They all looked at it and said no way..LOL! Race to the top? Ty was last...he had on only socks as his shoes were wet and I wasn't going to carry him....hell no! LOL

A great hour spent with those beautiful little boys. They were challenged and had fun. I was challenged and had fun. The woods is my most favourite place and was glad to share it with them. Safety is important but if you don't challenge those little bodies and little minds how will they know how strong they are? How will they ever face their fears? How will they ever have the skills to think during a crisis? It's just ravine hopping and getting wet. The odd spider and yes a bear...but we were so loud I'm sure he left the area.

Broke down and paid the $10 for sewing for Ben. Taking the hit as I know the teacher bought supplies retail. Which brings us to 27 days of retail in almost 9 months.

Big Momma "Gotta Love Boys" love to you all. XO

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