Thursday, September 29, 2011

A quick update

It's a dog's of my Bella fast asleep in my bed. Yes...she is spoiled rotten but a great companion and good watch dog too. She went to get clipped this week as her Cocker Spaniel hair is impossible to manage with daily hikes. She gets sticks and mud and all sorts of trail bits in her hair. Then she fights me on brushing it so goodbye hair! But one thing bothered me...she had flees! And I give her that pill every month that kills flees and ticks and worms. The little monkey was spitting them out! LOL! So time for the other stuff that you squirt onto their shoulder blades...grr! Stubborn girl....just like her

Lost 6 pounds so far on Weight Watchers. Feeling really good. Eating very "clean" and exercising every day. Tried a spinning class....Fantastic! I was wiped after but what a good work out. Taking Zumba once a week and an Abs class on Mondays. Hiking everyday and have more energy than EVER! People that see me every day are like...oh no! Susan has MORE energy? Is it possible? YES! LOL! My crazy energy is crazier than ever! LOL!

Closed down my previous Facebook account. Friends of friends could see and comment on my pics and that freaked me out! My kids did not sign up for FB and have to protect their privacy. Have shared pics on this blog but carefully chose them. My FB had intimate family etc. Some glitch allowed others I didn't know onto my page so started fresh! And will be very careful what I post for pics....but will still voice my opinion! Really? LOL!

And NO RETAIL! I don't even miss it at this point. I went into London Drugs to get a passport photo and looked up every isle...bought NOTHING! AM I cured? LOL! Probably not but conscious!

Big Momma ENERGY hugs to you all! XO

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