Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a difference a year makes...and I am CLUELESS with high school

Pic of my Mom in the "cookie" jar...according to my youngest..LOL..It's been a year today since she passed away and never a day goes by that I don't miss her. Do the loving ever STOP missing the missed? I don't think's just that kind of love. The drawing of the Lion of Lucerne was done by my brother...Mom was an artist and so was he...back in the day. Both very talented. Both never pursued it. Both never picked up a paint brush or charcoal after the death of a parent. Wish they had. What a beautiful way to vent! What can I do? Crunch some more numbers? LOL! That's

Lost 3lbs this week....would have been more if I hadn't eaten the dam Weight Watchers prepackaged meal that had 680 mg of sodium! For a person with kidney disease that is just torture! 8 lbs of water overnight! Don't eat them! Cook from scratch! Even if you are healthy that kind of sodium will kill you over almost did me in completely! Couldn't pee for 24 body swelled like a raccoon in fall......which brings me to the next event...

A raccoon discovered I have a doggie door and decided to enter! Ate all of the dog's food and peed all over my wood floors...grrr!..Dog woke up when the coon dropped my tea cup ON MY KEY BOARD! I have NEVER seen my dog so mad! She chased that big bottomed coon through the doggie door and up a tree. Was close behind when my cat jumped off the table...yes I peed my pj's a bit thinking it was another the cat casually looked out the doggie door to check out the action. Went outside and at this point the neighbors were up too! "Bella treed a bear?" " a big ass raccoon that was in the house!" That coon killed my key board, made my house wreak with coon pee and dumped the dog water everywhere! Bella didn't sleep last night...she is on guard for ME! LOL! She is still keeping vigil....and my cat? Just watched the whole

No retail this week..except a new keyboard...which falls under office it doesn't count. But must get sewing supplies for my oldest in high school. He has SEWING a few friends that sew and have offered stuff....what the hell do I know about sewing? NOTHING! I FAILED grade 8 paid a friend to get me through metal work. NOT my thing and don't think it's Ben's either. He better be creative in his bargaining is all I can

Love and hugs to you all...missing the missing..XO....and busy figuring it all out..XO

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