Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tv and my Guilty Pleasures

What a difference 30 years new TV vs the TV of my youth. The rabbit ear TV with no remote! And we had 12 channels to choose from...and when the knob broke off we used pliers to change the channels..LOL! My kids can't believe it....had to show Sam a eyes were big as saucers...oh the Ice Ages must have been hard for Mom! LOL!

Now we have hundreds of channels, remotes, digital boxes, PVRs, CD players etc...the kind of stuff I never dreamed of as a kid and yet when I go to watch TV most of the time there is nothing on! LOL! Just reading the guide is entertainment enough sometimes...1000 ways to die, Toddlers and Tiaras, Rock of Love Charm School?, Throttle Junkies TV, Doing Davinci?, Wife Swap, Pretty Little Liars, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Biggest Loser, Half Pint Brawl?, Human Wreck Balls?, Tommy Lee goes to College, and the newest one $#*! My Dad Says.....LOL!..Sometimes when I'm going through the guide I wonder who comes up with this stuff...and then I get really worried thinking about who the hell is WATCHING this I watch the Biggest Loser from time to time but the title of the show is just BAD!

The networks are grasping for our viewership and coming up with shocking or titillating titles to get our attention...though $#*! My Dad Says is so base and so uncreative...I mean 5 year old figured that out....well...he is the one that can spell the f word on his brothers you get my point. And I have to say the first time I read Gene Simmons Family Jewels..the mind kind of wandered a wee then I figured it

I like the new TV world more than the old...especially with so many kids...wink....but I have to wonder what will they come up with next? Paris Hilton got a new reality show....what is her talent exactly? Could somebody please tell me why the Kardashian Sisters have a show? And that Jersey Shore crew?....there are no words!

We are a loooong way from The Waltons, The Dukes of Hazard and Fantasy Brady Bunch replaced by Family Guy....Boggles the MIND!

But to be perfectly honest I have a few really really guilty busy Mom's saving grace sometimes is mindless deep issues...just silly fun. So here it goes! My favourite reality TV shows are as follows:

The Amazing Race - but it's educational? LOL
America's Next Top Model - no excuse except to LOL at how self centered they all are
Survivor - learning how to be conniving? ;)

And the worst of them all...gulp.......

The Bachelor! - I know..the shame.....I'm sinking in my chair as I type.....truly awful to be a fan but I just love the combination of real life Barbies with a real life Ken that really believe they will fall in love in 15 minutes....the tears after a few dates...and they weren't even alone! LMAO! Mindless entertainment at it's finest!

So don't judge me for my shameful taste in reality TV.....a busy Mom has to take a break

And we are 35/36 without retail therapy...though I did go to Shoe Warehouse for shoes for the boys...which was on the exceptions list. First pair 20% off, 2nd 30% off and 3rd 40% off....good deals!

Bad Reality TV Mom LOVE to you ALL! XO

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