Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food, Sub Food and What the hell is that?

I have this crazy system of categorizing the food my kids eat...and I do keep score!..lol...With pesticides, fungicides, frankencides and other such poisons on our produce...and Genetically Modified grains and soy and corn and tomatoes etc....It's a battle field in the grocery store! And they don't label GMO or poisons...they are not required to! Can you believe it? They can spray this and that....change the genetic makeup of this and that...and they are not required by law to inform us! WTF! Methyl iodide was approved in California as a pesticide and even trained chemists are reluctant to work with it....who the hell is controlling our food system? Not US! Or are we just asleep at the wheel..so to speak....WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are being poisoned in every aspect of our food system.

Canned soup has traces of BPA!
BPA is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world. It is used to harden plastic in everything from infant and water bottles to mobile phone and computer casings, and also to make linings for cans of food, beverages and infant formula. Yet a growing body of research has implicated the chemical as an endocrine (hormone) disruptor that can lead to cancer, birth defects, behavioral problems and other diseases.
And why are companies using these products? PROFITS! The crap lasts LONGER! Thereby increasing profits as there is less waste...and more shelf life. Remember the Griswalds...the Vacation movies...what was Clark's job? To create food additives so milk can last a year.....funny at the time but we are now at a cross roads...they are putting those chemicals in every thing we eat! They are coating our produce with cancer causing pesticides and making our kids cereal out of GMO grains that they have NOT studied! And have no idea what the long term implications will be with GMOs....ASSHATS!
They are all sitting in there billion dollar world eating FRESH! With personal chefs! They are NOT eating what we are...that I can GUARANTEE! Laughing all the way to the bank.....GRRRRR!
So I have a system...yes...that crazy MOM system..and here it goes!
1 - Any produce from California is a NO! (we just do without)
2 - Chile and Mexico are suspect and I SMELL it first (if it doesn't smell like a cucumber than it's NOT)
3 - Food is in it's natural state...if the kids want muffins I make them...and yes at midnight sometimes as that is when I have the time.....bread is LOCAL only...and eggs too
4 - Sub food is the once in a while....Chicken Nuggets from a box.....fries from a bag....the occasional meat balls and frozen pizza
5 - The What The Hell is that? Gold Fish Crackers! Kraft Dinner! Cheese Strings! Nutrigrain bars? And a host of frozen foods.
We have to reclaim our VOICE as CONSUMERS! Don't let the corporations tell us what to eat...we tell THEM! We are the $$$ that drive it and we need to wake up and demand NATURAL and at an AFFORDABLE price!
When you shop at Walmart and buy their 35 cent juice boxes...do you wonder why they are so cheap? Do you wonder what is in them and how they are made? Do you think about the health implications for your child? Do you wonder HOW they are offered so cheaply? Maybe they would be healthier with a bottle of water...no...cause they are lined with BPAs....or maybe they would be better off with a reusable bottle of juice...no...they are lined with BPAs....
So I ASK with all my heart and soul that we ALL fight for our FOOD! DEMAND transparency...and DEMAND no GMOs! And demand LESS use of poisons!
I may have 4 big growing boys and am able to cook for them..but this is a GLOBAL issue and I hope that you will all step back and think about it for a while....just THINK about if for a while. If we give in today then our kids will only have What The Hell to choose from!
So my 12 year old is now a size 13 men's foot! Really? Took the shoes back twice and he came with me the last time and we measured!..LOL! I gave birth to a MONSTER! LOL!
Maybe I should feed him more of What The Hell and less of Food. ;)
Cheeky Mom LOVE you ALL! XO

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