Saturday, February 26, 2011

Only ONE Politcal party responded to my emails about GMOs

This is from Jack Layton of the federal NDP. The ONLY response I received...hmmmm....grrrr........

Thank you for informing me of your concerns about Genetically Modified
Organisms (GMOs).
Over the years I have heard from many people who are concerned about the
impact of GMOs on our health and natural environment. They want their
government to act on the need for proper labeling, farmers' rights
against patents, and copyrights along with greater control over the
activities of large corporations. New Democrats share these concerns.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said of all parties in Parliament. On
February 9th, Conservative and Liberal MPs joined together to defeat
Bill C-474, An Act respecting the Seeds Regulations (analysis of
potential harm) introduced by New Democrat Agriculture Critic Alex
Atamanenko. The legislation sought to require that an analysis of
potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new
genetically engineered seed was permitted. It is disappointing that the
Conservatives and Liberals are placing big business interests ahead of
the needs of farmers and families.
Looking forward, Mr. Atamanenko continues to take the lead on GMOs for
our party. He has introduced several pieces of legislation to tackle
these technologies. For more information about his work, please visit:
In addition, you may be interested in the following initiatives that our
team of New Democrats are promoting:
Bill C-370: mandatory labelling for genetically modified foods -
Bill C-353: ban on the use of "terminator seeds" -
Again, I appreciate knowing of your concerns with GMO products. Please
visit our website at to learn the latest about our team of
New Democrats. All the best.

Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats

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