Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012...So far it SUCKS!

My Sam..and his first haircut 6 years ago....he was 2! A bald Blondie forever! LOL! I remember thinking will this boy ever grow hair? Will he be my very own Charlie Brown? LOL! He now has a very thick head of hair...still blonde....with the cutest ONE curl in the back. My one boy that got even a hint of curl. Lucky him that mullets are a fashion of the past! LOL!

I look at this picture and think of how my life was back many many small children...but I was HAPPY! Fell into a funk at Xmas...really really bad funk. The kind that makes you wonder if you need meds to come back. I cried for no reason...had pain in every part of my body...did not want to see ANYONE! Turned down get togethers...parties...lunch dates....hikes! Basically cocooned for a month. Got worried...but then gave into it. Let myself just turn inward....just give in to the sadness. And happy to say I am coming back to myself!

A much needed break of every day life! I needed time to grieve some more...and think HARD about what I wanted to do with my life. Have been at a crossroads for many years and am finally ready to jump in and shake it up!

I volunteered for a group that helps single Moms...but then I realized that some of the women being helped were looking for hand OUTS! Not hand UPS! There is a HUGE difference between the two. People looking for handouts will keep looking..rarely help themselves...feel the world OWES them..and continue a cycle of manipulation, usury and never give back to the community. Those that need a hand UP...are grateful for the help...go on to be self sufficient and give back to the community when they can. Asking for diapers when you have 3 jolly jumpers in separate rooms is a woman not ready to sacrifice to make a life for her kids. Really? How lazy can you be?

I know..WHAT? Where did the compassion go? Have plenty! But at this point...with my limited resources I am choosing to be choosy! Thought I would start my own non-profit for working parents. MUST be working or on maternity leave...single or together...the working poor have very few options for help in between pay cheques or for big ticket items such as furniture. Need meds for a sick kid? Need milk and bread to get by for a few days? Need clothes for the family? Was given some seed money and have a large network of like minded women....and it stalled.

I need help! I need partners to do this! I need people as committed as myself to helping the working poor and a place to do it. And...I am moving to another Province in the summer so do I start this now or wait? If I wait I must build up contacts there which will take years. Took me 8 years to build a network in this small town...enough to make a difference but am now leaving that network to start anew.

Want to call this non-profit the Do-Jo exchange...fighting poverty ONE donation at a time. Do for Dorothy my Mom and Jo for Joan my grandma. What do you think? Would you support this kind of NP? Would you go to a fund raiser for this kind of purpose? Do you think the working poor could use an organization that fills the gaps in between pay cheques and sources big expenditures? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Big Momma LOVE to you all XO

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