Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Regret or Foible?

Came across this photo of Joe...pre-verbal skills...and Sam and Ben. Must have been 6 and half years ago. I would have been pregnant with Ty or he was a newborn?...I think he was born by then...lol...I don't remember! Regret that! How could I not remember? Hold on....Sam was just over two...now I remember..he had HAIR! LOL! Ben would be about 7 and Joe about 4. Okay..Ty was born and would be new..lol...Funny how your mind works.

I keep seeing all these posts on Face book about Life is too short...Don't have regrets....blah blah blah..and I think...Where have you been? Where have you been living...or what the hell has someone got you to believe? I'm not saying hold grudges..or be sulky..I'm saying life is just that...full of regrets that you have to forgive yourself for every now and again. Maybe that is the message...poorly conveyed...but to hold yourself to perfection is ludicrous. Of course you say this or do that or forget this and forget that...which brings me to a CONFESSION! I forgot my sister in laws birthday today. We have been dear friends for 29 years. She used to help me torture my brother in high school...and then they got married! LOL! Been together 22 years and still going strong and if it wasn't for face book I would have forgotten. BAD! But not really...LIFE! I don't know...when I think regret I think BIG problems....maybe we should have a new phrase...like FOIBLES! A minor eccentricity...not a game changer...just a foible! And foible is kind of fun to say..."I didn't forget your birthday..I merely missed the day...these darn foibles of mine." ;)

And do have to confess to Halloween shopping. Got Joe the COOLEST costume...CREEPER JESTER. Paid way too much but it will fit the other two..hahahha...and he loves it and have never bought him a new costume before. He just didn't get it until now. Halloween is supposed to be scary...fun scary..and Joe doesn't even want to trick or treat now..he just wants to scare the kids to death with his costume...lol...I don't think he will go all the way...jumping out of the bushes etc...but he is getting the concept of scary, creepy, fear. That is HUGE for a kid on the ASD spectrum. It's NOT literal..it`s conceptual. He comprehends more than the school gives him credit.....but I don`t REGRET that at all...maybe it`s a foible of mine but I think the more they believe he needs help the more they will give him attention....the attention he has needed to finally understand Halloween!

So we are 28 days in 10 and half months of retail......it`s getting hard with Xmas approaching. Any ideas to avoid retail are WELCOME!

Foible Big Momma love to you ALL! XO

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